Why Is Communication From The Client Important During A Renovation?

Renovating your apartment can help increase the market value, improve a property’s aesthetic, and create a sense of satisfaction. Apartment renovations can be challenging, but it can be financially and aesthetically fulfilling if done well. Many different factors go into the renovation process. In order to achieve optimum results, effective communication is critical to the success of the renovation project, and the homeowner must set the tone. Clear, precise, and effective communication is essential to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Mistakes, delays, and rework can result from a simple miscommunication, wasting precious time and resources. That’s why it’s critical to have well-defined communication pathways and processes. Here are some suggestions for maintaining excellent communication and keeping the project on track as you move from step to step, realizing the vision for your home.

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Create Clear Communication Lines

It’s critical to create open and clear communication lines during a renovation project. The decision-maker (in most cases the homeowner) should always be in direct communication with the project manager. If you are the decision maker, you should always be involved in every conversation, even though you may hire a rep directly. All changes, variations, and authorizations to the project must be well communicated and documented to all the relevant parties involved. As the homeowner, it is critical to be in constant communication since failing to disclose deviations can waste money and cause substantial delays on the site.

Communicate Changes Before Commencing Work

It’s important for you as the homeowner to communicate small or major changes to the project manager. If you are supplying your own finishes and materials, it’s important to double-check all finishes a 2nd time prior to commencing the work, especially when the finishes are under your control. Liaise and directly communicate any alterations, changes of materials, or supplies to the project manager, who in turn will relay the message to the crew.

Provide Information To All Concerned Parties

Poor communication on your part can lead to project misalignment. The correct communication channel may speed up and simplify the flow of information. For example, when you are not available and are represented by an owner rep, there should be a direct line of communication established, where all changes or key decisions of the project are communicated and recorded for everyone to see. This ensures that everyone concerned gets the information and your project is not delayed.

There Should Be A Communication Hierarchy

Before a renovation project begins, there needs to be a hierarchy of communication with the project lead made clear to everyone involved. As a client, you need to be the point of authorization for all the major changes in the renovation project and communicate directly to the project manager. This will prevent confusion and avoid creating more work and delays, especially for high time-sensitive projects.


Communication is critical for any project to be successful. Disputes mostly arise from miscommunication and failed expectations. Good communication should be implemented from start to finish. As the homeowner, you are the main decision-maker and maintaining direct and clear communication with you project manager will maximize the success of your project leading to a favorable outcome for you and your vision for your home.

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