Coral Gables Miami Home Renovation

SW 17th St, Miami, FL:

A fresh start…

Living in Miami, in a beautifully renovated house, is a dream come true. The Chapter team fully renovated this 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house from top to bottom and created the picture-perfect Miami home.


It took a lot of dedication, but the Chapter team was excited to work on this project from the get-go. This house got a full gut renovation and with that a completely fresh Miami worthy look. This place was vacant for 5 years and our team renovated I t to an entirely new house with a new foundation, plumping, electrical, mechanical and roof.

For the kitchen we wanted to create a bright-looking space. Therefore, it features white polished cabinets, a quartz countertop, and 5-inch-wide wooden floors to brighten up the entire room.

The Master Bedroom has a large walk-in closet and 6 windows for a bright and light feel. The Master Bathroom has a 5-fixture setup with standing shower, tub, vanity, toilet, and sink, with grey and black tiles for a rustic design.


For the second and third bedrooms, the Chapter team wanted to create as much space as possible. Therefore, we chose to install built-in closets in both bedrooms. The large secondary bathroom has grey tiles and a wooden vanity giving the room an elegant look.

Outside there is a large garden with grass and lots of trees. Giving a perfect place to sit on those perfect sunny Miami days.

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