Chapter is expanding! Renovation dreams are now coming true in NYC and Miami.
Chapter is expanding! Renovation dreams are now coming true in NYC and Miami.

The home renovation you've been dreaming of

Chapter makes it easy. We take care of everything for your home remodel, from a well-planned start to an exquisite finish, all while keeping your project on budget and on schedule.


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We are fully licensed and insured, and we have a depth of experience in co-op, condo, townhome, and single-family home renovations. Our story began years ago with apartment renovations in New York City, which is often one of the toughest cities for remodeling. Since then, we’ve expanded to the Miami area, and there are more cities on the horizon.









A full-service design and renovation company specializing in luxury remodeling

You always have peace of mind with Chapter. We offer you every service in-house, including interior designers, architects, and engineers. And you always have a dedicated project manager to oversee your entire renovation, from start to finish. With Chapter, you get everything you need for a successful renovation, all from one source.


Get set
for success

We understand that timelines and budgets are top of mind when considering a home renovation. That’s why our expert team works with you to find the best plan that matches your needs and budget. In addition, we map out all the important paperwork—from permits to board approvals—to ensure a smooth process moving forward. 


your style

Our in-house interior designers work with you to achieve a luxury design that’s tailored to your personal preferences, at no additional cost. With a keen eye for aesthetics and design principles, our talented designers help you create your dream space. They guide you to make design decisions that inspire you, all while sticking to your budget. 


Make it

When you work with Chapter, you have an experienced project manager overseeing all phases of your renovation project. Our PM’s are educated in construction-related fields, like civil engineering and architecture, which makes them truly qualified to lead your project. 

Your project,
at your fingertips

Watching the progress of your renovation project as it comes to life is exciting. With Chapter, you have access to your personal client portal, keeping you connected with your project’s latest updates. Check in and see what’s happening anytime, anywhere with the power of our technology.





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“Chapter made me feel like I didn’t have anything to worry about.”

Jaye W. / Brooklyn, NY


“The Chapter
team made
my vision
come to life.”

Jeremy / Brooklyn, NY


“We would a
1000% recommend

Katie and Scott / Mahattan, NY


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It’s our mission to partner with clients like you to make renovation dreams come true.

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