Brooklyn Bathroom Renovation

100 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY:

Refinement: highly developed state of perfection

What is refinement? The result of improving something or a highly developed state of perfection. Either-or definitions are without question a good way to describe chapter's latest renovation project. The original layout of this Brooklyn master bathroom was far from being optimized. Featuring an oversize bathtub and shower squeezed into a dark room, the chapter team took this remodel project as an opportunity to improve the flow of the space while simultaneously upgrading the finishes.

As the bathtub was superfluous for the customer, the intent was to design a large shower area skirting the length of the master bathroom while creating a balanced space layout. In the effort of making the ceiling feel taller, the chapter team incorporated vertical lines to draw the eye upwards with Grigio square ceramic tiles floor to ceiling and a small niche area to hold beauty products. Perfectly complementing the client's modern yet minimalist style, all tones of color in this master bath were kept in the greys, whites, and blacks with a touch of beige wooden texture found on the set of vanities for a serene feel.

Steep forty-five-degree angle sinks were carved in a soft white marble for a unique yet luxurious design and set on floating wooden vanities to maintain this sense of space and flow in the room. The soft curved matte black mirrors are a subtle reference to the curve found in the faucets design of each sink.

For a spa-like experience, the chapter team installed dimmer light switches to control the light’s intensity of the room and set the right mood. Finally, as a last touch and to continue maximizing this beautiful space, the standard door was replaced with a sleek pocket door.

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