Soho Restaurant Renovation

Grand St, NYC, NY:

When in Rome…

Opening a successful restaurant in New York City is about creating the perfect experience, where all senses are triggered from the minute you set foot through the door. For its first restaurant outside of Italy, the Caput Mundi team designed a space able to encapsulate the charm of Rome, and partnered up with the chapter team to bring their vision to reality!
The chapter team refinished hardwood floors and crafted a custom millwork bar area celebrating a retro Hollywood look with a touch of modernity. An earthy color palette was selected by the Caput Mundi team, showcased by a warm and deep red color painted on the walls and combined with off-white, custom-made upholstered leather booths creating a cozy ambiance.

Italian elegance, minimalist design and rich materials were the tones set for this beautiful project.

With a set July-open date, the chapter team wasted no time on this renovation, coordinating the delivery and installation of imported materials and finishes from Italy. While working closely with NY’s city inspectors and the Caput Mundi’s schedule, the restaurant was ready on time for its big opening!

The Caput Mundi team wanted a new fresh and elegant environment. To achieve that the chapter team modified the existing bar counter with new Calacatta marble countertops to allocate new equipment. The new design included pendant lights at the seating area and under counter dimmable lighting to achieve a soft atmosphere.

To resemble the glamour, the design included three astonishing rounded niches with integrated LED lighting made from European oak and faced with dark shade mirrors to display the new restaurant liquor selections.

The back seating area was staged with new custom-made booths and tables with marble countertops, all manufactured and imported from Italy. The chapter team performed a big effort coordinating construction schedule minimizing delivery and installation periods to achieve project timeline.

To remain within the earthy elements of the Caput Mundi restaurant, working together with the architectural firm to implement 3 suspended planter sections, each planter integrated with LED spotlights to illuminate the seating area and give it a romantic dining experience. Existing ceilings were opened down to the slab and new steel structures were manufactured and fastened to the slab, after which the new structure was refaced with European oak creating an elegant platform to install new planters that will give the look the client was expecting.

The Caput Mundi restaurant is now open in the iconic Soho neighborhood. You should swing by to take a look and experience the quintessence of Italian hospitality!

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