Wynwood Bathrooms Renovation

NW 25th St, Miami, FL:

A modern touch…

Sometimes you buy a new home, and it is ALMOST perfect. But when it is just missing those perfect touches, you want to take the time to make sure it is everything you ever wanted.

The project aimed to revitalize three outdated bathrooms, incorporating large format tiles for floors and walls. Additionally, new medicine cabinets with built-in lighting were installed to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

In the En-suite bathrooms we retiled the walls and tubs. The addition of medicine cabinets with built-in lighting offers improved storage and a modern touch. The toilets got upgraded from outdated to a more luxurious look. The transformation not only enhanced the visual appeal but also improved the functionality of the bathrooms.

In the guest-bath we also retiled the floor and main wall tiles. We had to pay special attention to taking care of the elements that the client wanted to preserve from the original apartment- vanity and mirror.

Renovating is so much more than just the designs and construction work. It is achieving every aspect of the client’s vision. Sometimes this includes taking care of items that are special to the client and ensuring they are removed, kept, and reinstalled safely and in perfect condition. Our team of experts know just how important that part of the job is. Overall, the project successfully achieved the desired aesthetic and functional upgrades.

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